Elastic, Cord, Bindings & Tapes

There are many different accessories a dressmaker requires, and it is not just a sewing machine, some needles and some thread. For example, when making gowns for a prom or wedding there are many other finishing products that are required; items such as boning for a corset, or special binding for edging.

At sewing-online.com.au we have plenty of accessories available that will make your dressmaking job much easier. You can choose from heading and webbing tape in a range of colours, and bias binding is also available in many different shades and sizes.

If you need elastic, it is available on bulk rolls or pre-packed, depending on how much you require. And for those making their own blankets, napkins, jackets, towels or quilting, we have a choice of blanket binding in twenty five different colours.

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