Lingerie & Bikini Accessories

Lingerie and bikinis that fit well can look stunning, but all too often we can find that while the cup size is perfect, the back size is either too big or too small, or visa versa. This can be very annoying because tight bras and bikinis are a nightmare!. If they don’t fit right, you could be left feeling very uncomfortable and this is something that nobody wants.

If you have found a bra that fits your cup size perfectly but the back is a bit tight, you can buy a bra back extender from and this will make a huge difference to your comfort levels. We also have bikini clasps and latches so that you can repair your favourite bikini should anything happen to it.

And to make sure you don’t have any unfortunate accidents in a low cut or revealing dress, you can use our clothing and body tape to keep everything in place.

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