Decorative ribbon is used for a multitude of purposes, whether it's dressing up a flower arrangement, wrapping a gift, embellishing an outfit, or decorating soft furnishings. When giving a gift, why not dress it up with a fancy ribbon? Sewing Online has a number of gorgeous ribbons that can really dress up a present, making the wrapping into a work of art! For a very special occasion, such as a wedding, use tasteful velvet, whereas a birthday or Christmas gift will really pop with metallic ribbon. A bunch of flowers will look lovely when they are tied with a satin ribbon that co-ordinates with the colour of the bouquet.

Liven up your clothes and accessories by embellishing them with ribbon. Grosgrain ribbon is extremely popular in dressmaking, used as a way of drawing attention to a lapel or collar, or as a hat decoration. If you use a particular colour and type of ribbon in dressmaking, it's a nice idea to save a little piece to use as a hair decoration, whether you use it as a ponytail tie or a headband. Liven up your cushions or pillow cases by adding bands of ribbon lengthwise in various colours, or create an interesting border with a patterned ribbon.

At Sewing Online we have a comprehensive range of ribbon, stocking over 300 styles. The Celebrate line is sold in 6-8 metre rolls, whereas the Berisford and Offray lines are available in 10-30 metre rolls. If you need to place a bulk order, feel free to contact us via email or telephone.

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