Velcro Hook and Loop

Voted by scientists as one of the premier inventions of the 20th century, Velcro has long been a staple for sewers and crafters. Its ease of use means that you no longer have to resort to time consuming stitching.


Velcro Sew on Tape is ideal for using on both clothes and home furnishings when you need an alternative to buttons and zips. This allows you to easily open and close the item. If you don't have a sewing machine, Sew on Tape can be hand sewn. Sew and Stick tape consists of a self adhesive hook and sew on loop. The hook is attached to a hard surface, with the loop being sewn on to a piece of fabric, making it perfect if you ever need to remove the material for washing purposes. Do you ever get tired of a loose hem on a pair of trousers or a skirt? With Stick on Velcro you can easily make a temporary repair! It's also really useful for craft projects when you don't want to use glue. This way you can can adjust things if necessary.

Velcro makes it simple to get in on the sewing and crafting craze, no matter what your skill. Whether you want the convenience of a quick way to attach items, or aren't confident of your sewing skills, Velcro is the answer! At Sewing Online we offer a wide variety of Velcro products, so don't hold back - unleash your crafting skills in the simplest way possible!

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