At Sewing Online we offer an extensive range of haberdashery items, ranging from threads, zips and buttons to those all-important sewing machine supplies. If your haberdashery supplies are below-par, your sewing or crafting project will suffer. Top of the range haberdashery supplies are the mainstay of anyone's sewing kit, playing an integral role in not only the creation of your item, but also adding that extra special finishing touch.

Our line of threads are guaranteed not to break or fray, whether you are machine or hand sewing. Our super strong embroidery thread is ideal for quilted garments, hats, motifs, applique work and decorative stitching. For dressmaking purposes, we have a line of polyester thread, which is considered the standard in sewing. Fasten an item in style with one of our fashionable, durable zips, and for a fun addition to kids' clothing, we offer a range of colourful zipper pulls. Buttons add an instant pop to clothing or accessories, whether you want a simple plastic button, or a vintage style. Add that special touch to your outfit with our self cover buttons, using either matching or co-ordinating material.

The tailor or seamstress can stock up on everything from needles, thimbles and tape measures, to fabric markers and tailors chalk. Don't get caught out in the middle of a project - make sure your sewing machine is well equipped with reliable needles and bobbins, and remember to stock up on essential dressmaking supplies, such as that all-important dressmakers dummy and plenty of pattern paper.

Whatever your haberdashery needs, Sewing Online has a large range of top quality supplies, ensuring that your project is a success. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us via email or telephone.


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