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Adhesives & Paints

Adhesive Sprays

Fray Stoppa

Helmer Fabric Protector 248g

Craft Glues

527 Multi Use Glue

Craft Glue 250ml

Pva Craft Glue 250ml

Quick Grip All Purpose Permanent Adhesive

Quilters Choice Basting Glue

Glue Guns And Refills

Applique Paper

Steam A Seam Sticky Back - 30cm X 22.5m

Steam A Seam 2 - 30cm X 22.5m

Bag Making Accessories

Acrylic Bag Handles

Acrylic Heart Shape Bag Handles

Acrylic Omega Shape Bag Handle - Blue

Acrylic Omega Shape Bag Handle - Clear

Acrylic Omega Shape Bag Handle - Pink

Bag Feet Sets

Bamboo Bag Handles

Bamboo Straight Bag Handles - 30cm

Magnetic Handbag Buttons

Beads Sequins And Accessories

Beading Accessories

Bead Tweezers

Looped Needle Threader 6 On

Twin Pack Bead Threader

Beading Books

30-minute Beading

Basics Of Beading

Beading 101

Bedazzling Beads

The Need To Bead


Seed Beads

Bead Cord

Braid Artificial Suede

Bead Kits

Bead Loom And Accessories

Bead Scoop

Birch Bead Loom

Paper Couture Kits

Plaid Paper Couture Kit 1

Plaid Paper Couture Kit 10

Plaid Paper Couture Kit 11

Plaid Paper Couture Kit 12

Plaid Paper Couture Kit 2

Plaid Paper Couture Kit 3

Plaid Paper Couture Kit 4

Plaid Paper Couture Kit 5

Plaid Paper Couture Kit 6

Plaid Paper Couture Kit 7

Plaid Paper Couture Kit 8

Plaid Paper Couture Kit 9

Pliers And Tweezers

Craft Plier - Wire Cutter

Pliers Climping

Craft Fabrics

Aida Cloth

Aida Cloth 14 Count Roll

Aida Cloth 18 Count Roll

Aida Cloth Pack 30cmx35cm

Aida Cloth 30cm

Craft Fabric

Birds And Blooms Cotton 10m Bolt

Fat Quarter Packs

Craft Books

Best Friends Scrapbook

Funky Fashion Book

Funky Fitout Book

Funky Food Book

Funky Knitting Book

Make Me A Pop Star Book

Embroidery Hoops

Heat N Bond

Knitting And Crochet

Circular Knitting Pins

Craft And Knitting Bags

Everything Mary Deluxe Knitting Tote

Everything Mary Folding Knitting Caddy

Knitting And Craft Bag

Crochet Hooks

Pearl Crochet Hooks

Knitting Accessories

Knitting Thimble

Knitting Needle Folders

Knitting Pins

Knitting Sets

Crochet Hook Set

Patchwork And Quilting Supplies

Quilting Accessories

Heat N Bond Lite Quilt Edge

Heat N Bond Original Quilt Edge

Quilting Bobbins 28 Colours

Quilting Patchwork Board

Quilting Patchwork Board Set

Quilting Tape Measure

Quilting Bags

Birch Storage Bag 40 X 32 X 9cm

Birch Storage Bag Black

Quilting Pencils

Quilting Pencils 3 Pack

Quilting Pins

Quilting Sets

Beginners Quilt Kit

Quilting Patchwork Board

Quilting Patchwork Board Set

Start To Quilt Kit

Waddings And Battings

Bosal Interfacings & Specialities

2 Printed Watercolour Grid - 48inches X 25yd

Create A Pattern - 48inches X 10yd

Pattern Material Sew In - 46inches X 40yd

Water Soluable Washaway Roll

Bosal Wadding

Bamboo/cotton Fleece - 45inches X 20yd

Fusible Batting Fleece - 46inches X 15yd

Legacy Wadding

Bamboo Blend - 243.84cm X 2.74mts

Cotton Blend - 243.84cm X 27.43mts

Cotton Blend With Scrim - 121.92cm X 13.71mts

Fusible Fleece 114.30cm X 18.28mts

Micro Fleece Bolt - 121.92cm X 13.7mts

Natural Cotton With Scrim - 121.92cm X 13.71mts

Polyester Fleece Bolt - 121.92cm X 13.7mts

Polyester Fleece Bolt - 96inches X 8.5mts

Rayon Cotton With Scrim - 121.92cm X 13.71mts

Ultra Thin Poly Batting 114.30cm X 18.28mts

White Cotton With Scrim - 121.92cm X 13.71mts

Wool - 243.84cm X 2.74mts

Warm & Natural Wadding

Warm And Natural Twin - 72inches X 90inches

Wearable Art

Brush-On Colours

Feathers And Trims

Petaloo Feathers

HipStitch Embrodery Kits

Hipstich Asian Splendor

Hipstich Gothic Romantic

Hipstich Hollywood Glamour

Hipstich Hopeless Romantic

Hipstich Indian Exotic

Hipstich Mod Brit

Hipstich Morroccan Spice

Hipstich Paradise Tropical

Hipstich Rock Chic

Hipstich Victorian Cameo

Iron On Transfers

Family Fun Iron On Transfers

Iron On Transfer: Baby Boy Sayings

Iron On Transfer: Baby Girl Sayings

Iron On Transfer: Gardener Mom

Iron On Transfer: Golfing Mom

Iron On Transfer: Grandma

Iron On Transfer: Grandpa

Iron On Transfer: Teen Words

Iron On Transfer: Tennis Dad

Iron On Transfer: Yoga Mom

Glitzerz - Alphabet Iron On Transfers

Iron On Transfers: Glitzerz Letters - Black

Iron On Transfers: Glitzerz Letters - Gold

Iron On Transfers: Glitzerz Letters - Red

Iron On Transfers: Glitzerz Letters - Silver

Iron On Transfers: Glitzerz Letters - White

Novelty Iron On Transfers

Jean E Ology: Butterfly

Jean E Ology: Crown

Jean E Ology: Dice

Jean E Ology: Fleur De Lis

Jean E Ology: Flock Cherries

Jean E Ology: Flower Peace

Jean E Ology: Fun Flowers

Jean E Ology: Heart With Arrow

Jean E Ology: Hibiscus

Jean E Ology: Kiss My Patch

Jean E Ology: Lace Butterfly

Jean E Ology: Love Flower

Jean E Ology: Love Flowers

Jean E Ology: Luck Horseshoe

Jean E Ology: Military Bars

Jean E Ology: Rainbow

Jean E Ology: Stars

Jean E Ology: Tattoo Love

Jean E Ology: Western Scroll

Jean E Ology: Western Tattoo


Motif: 5 Petal Flower

Motif: Flamingo

Motif: Oval Loops

Motif: Round Coils

Motif: Teddy Bear

Flower Motifs

Frosted Roses

Satin Ribbon Roses - 15mm

Satin Ribbon Roses - 12mm

Dressmakers Dummies

Junior Dressmakers Model

Male Dummies

Sewing Equipment

Ironing Equipment

Lamps And Magnifiers


Daylight Bag

Daylight Led Ultra Bright Flexible Sewing Machine Light

Ottlite Led Magnifying Seam Ripper

Ottlite Led Magnifying Tweezers

Clip And Flip

Free Hand Magnifier

Sewing Machine Magnifier

Floor Lamps

Daylight Floor Standing Lamp

Daylight Magnificent Daylight Floor Lamp With Magnifier

Ottlite Easy View Craft Floor Lamp

Triumph Led Super Bright Floor Craft Lamp With Magnifier

Triumph Led Super Bright Floor Craft Lamp With Magnifier White

Triumph Led Super Bright Floor Lamp, Document Clip And Magnifier

Triumph Led Super Bright Four Level Craft And Hobby Floor Lamp

Triumph Led Super Bright Hobby And Craft Floor Lamp

Ultimate Floor Standing Lamp Antique

LED Lamps & Magnifiers

Flexible Desk Lamp

Light Boxes

Daylight Wafer 1 Light Box Ultra Slim A4 Pad For Art And Craft

Daylight Wafer 2 Light Box Ultra Slim A3 Pad For Art And Craft

Ottlite Led Light Box With Task Lamp Desk Station

Triumph Led Super Bright Light Box Pad A2

Triumph Led Super Bright Light Box Pad A3

Triumph Led Super Bright Light Box Pad A4 With Stand


Daylight Freestanding Flexible Arm 2.25x Magnifier On Mini Base

Daylight Freestanding Flexible Arm 2.25x Magnifier On Mini Clip

Magnifying Lamps

Daylight Magnifiers

Naturalight 5inch Magnifying Lamp

Portable Lamps

Daylight Led Yoyo Folding Pocket Light And Magnifier

Ottlite Led Clip On Booklight

Ottlite Led Mini Flip Light With Clip

Triumph Led Mini Clip On Light For Hobbies And Reading Blue

Triumph Led Mini Clip On Light For Hobbies And Reading White

Triumph Led Mini Clip On Light With Magnifier Black

Table Lamps

Clip On Battery Lamp

Daylight Led Craft And Hobby Table Lamp With Magnifier

Daylight Table Top Lamp

Ottlite 13w Craft Space Organiser Lamp With Adjustable Height

Ottlite 13w Slimline Task And Craft Lamp

Ottlite Flexarm Refresh Lamp Plus Table

Ottlite Led Task Desk Lamp

Triumph Led Super Bright Desktop Lamp With Magnifier

Triumph Led Super Bright Folding Rechargeable Hobby Desk Lamp Black

Triumph Led Super Bright Folding Rechargeable Hobby Desk Lamp Red

Triumph Led Super Bright Folding Rechargeable Hobby Desk Lamp White

Triumph Led Super Bright Hobby And Craft Desk Lamp

Triumph Led Super Bright Rechargeable Craft Desk Lamp Blue

Triumph Led Super Bright Rechargeable Craft Desk Lamp Pink

Quilt And Sew Rulers

Dressmakers Rulers

Quilt Squares And Rulers

Quilting Ruler 12.5 Inches X 12.5 Inches

Sew Easy 10 Degrees Wedge Rule

Sew Easy Half Diamond 120 Deg

Sew Easy Quilting Squares

Rotary Cutters And Mats

Cutting Matts Range

Rotary Cutters and Blades

Kai Cutter Disc Blade 45mm

Rotary Cutters

Rotary Cutter - Wave Blades 28mm

Rotary Cutter Blades 45mm

True Cut 360 - Precision Circle Cutter


Craft And Hobby Scissors

Craft Scissors 120mm

Kai Scissors Paper Craft

Laser Rotary Cutter

Laser Scissor

Laser Scissor - Blue Handle

Scissors - Craft

Scissor Paper Cut Out Assorted

Cutter Sets

Cutting Mat 20x10x2 And Knife

Rotary Trimmer With Foldout Extension Table

Dressmaking Scissors

Embroidery Scissors

Embroidery Scissor Set

Left Handed Scissors

Pinking Shears

Scissor Pinking Shear/plastic Handle

Scissor Pinking Shear 230mm

Scissors Premium

Kai Tailoring Shears - 280mm

Scissor Fabrics 150mm

Scissor Fabrics 178mm

Scissor Fabrics 200mm

Scissor Pinking Shear 230mm

Scissor Sets

Plaque Titanium Coated Scissor Set

Scissor Set- Sewing And Craft

Scissor Set 4 Pack

Scissor Set 5 Pack

Sewing Scissors

Speciality Scissors

Scissor Bent Handle Embroidery

Scissor Button Hole

Scissor Sharpener Small

Scissor Ultrasharp Petitepoint

Spring Assisted Scissors

Scissor Springloaded 165mm

Scissor Springloaded 250mm

Tailors Shears

Thread Snips

Rag Quilt Snips

Scissor Threadsnip Embroidery

Scissor Thread Snipper

Tailoring Accessories

Work Boxes and Storage

Craft And Bead Organisers

Adjustable Storage Box

Birch Organiser Round

Birch Stackable Organiser 40mm

Birch Stackable Organiser 40mm Clear

Birch Stackable Organiser 50mm Yellow

Birch Storage Tin

Birch Tin Box With Window Lemon

Birch Travel Tin Box

Craft Stackable Organiser

Rectangular Tin With Window

Small Round Organiser

Storage Tins - Notions

Craft And Project Bags

Everything Mary Sewing Organiser With Tray

Sewing Tote - Monochrome Flower

Machine And Trolley Bags

Sewing Machine Trolley Bag Extra Large - Black

Sewing Machine Trolley Bag Large - Black Cream Spot

Sewing Machine Trolley Bag Large - Black Multi Spot

Sewing Baskets

Sewing Kits

Project Runway Sewing Gift Set

Small Sewing Kit

Thread Organisers



Assorted Buttons

Budget Buttons

Casual Wear Button

Plain Button

Button Covering Kits

Button Covering Kits - Silver

Button Covering Kit - 23mm

Clothing Buttons

Frog Closures

Dill Carded Buttons

Dill Butterflies

Flower Buttons 1 Pack

House Collection

Needlework Buttons

Funky Square Fashion Big Button

Open Design Fashion Big Button

Metal Buttons

Mixed Bright Buttons

Vintage Buttons

Vintage Button 1701

Vintage Button 1704

Vintage Button 1707

Vintage Button 1708

Vintage Button 1709

Vintage Button 1710

Vintage Button 1712

Vintage Button 1713

Vintage Button 1715

Vintage Button 1716

Vintage Button 1717

Vintage Button 1718

Vintage Button 1720

Vintage Button 1722

Vintage Button 1723

Vintage Button 1725

Vintage Button 1726

Vintage Button 1727

Vintage Button 1728

Vintage Button 1729

Vintage Button 1730

Care And Repair

Clothes Care

Anti Statique Spray

Clothes Brushes

3 in 1 Travel Brush

Clothes Hangers

Coat Hangers Wire

Skirt Hanger

Clothing Storage Bags

Fabric Combs

Lint Rollers

Lint Remover Pic Up Refill

Lint Shaver

Mending Patches

Heat N Bond - Original 10mm

Heat N Bond Rolls - Lite 10mm

Heat N Bond Rolls - Lite 16mm

Wonder Guard

Pocket Relacements


Bra Cups

Moulded Bra Cups - Black

Moulded Bra Cups - Skin Tone

Dressmaking Papers

Dressmaking Products

Bias Maker - 25mm

Dress Sheilds

Fabric Stabiliser And Interfacing

Gutermann Filmoplast

Gutermann Solvy

Gutermann Super Strong

Gutermann Ultra Stable

Guttermann BSN

Ultra Solvy

Pressing Cloths

Shoulder Pads

Shoulder Pads For Jackets

Shoulder Pad Foam For Suits

Vilene Interfacings & Interlinings

Interfacings & Interlinings Full Rolls

Interfacings & Interlinings Pre Packed

Elastic, Cord, Bindings & Tapes

Bias Binding

Satin Bias 12mm

Blanket Binding


Bulk Elastic

Loom Elastic Bat

Ribbed Elastic Roll - White

Woven Elastic Bat Nude


Cotton Tape

Cotton Tape (bulk Rolls) 25mm X 200m

Fastening Tapes

Heading And Webbing Tape

Fluro Heading Tape 25mm

Piping Cord

Pre Packed Elastic

Braided Elastic

Knitted Elastic

Hat Elastic

Loom Elastic

Non Roll Elastic

Ribbed Elastic

Shirring Elastic

Underwear Elastic

Woven Elastic


Bow Tie Set

Bow Tie Set

Buckles & Clips

Belt Ends

Cummerbund Buckle

Heavy Duty Belting - 38mm

Cord Toggles

Cord Puller Plastic

D Rings

Hook And Eyes

Hook And Bars


Berry Pins

Bulk Berry Pins

Extra Value Pins

Hat Pins

Beaded Hat Pins

Glass Ornament Pins


Sequin And Bead Pins

Press Fasteners And Eyelets

Safety Pins

Bulk Safety Pins

Curved Safety Pins

Kilt Pins

Nickle Safety Pins

Safety Pins Brass

Gilt/brass Safety Pins 200 Pack

Travel Bag Fastners

Hand Sewing

Fabric Markers

Marking Pencils

Marking Pens

Name Tag Kits

Iron On Name Tag Kit

Hand Needles

Needle Threaders

Looped Needle Threader

Pin Cushions And Magnets

Funky Pin Cushions

Bird House Pin Cushion

Butterfly Pin Cushion

Manikin Pin Cushion

Round Box Pin Cushion

Wallet Pin Cushion

Pin Cushions

Pin Magnets

Seam Stich Rippers

Beetle Cutter

Sewing Aids

Tailors Chalk

Quilting Chalk Wheel

Quilting Chalk Wheel Set

Tape Measures

Spring Tape Measure And Cord 300cm

Tape Measure Spring Round


Lingerie & Bikini Accessories

Bikini Clips

Bikini Clasp Clear

Bikini and Bra Hook

Bra Back Extenders

Bra Back Replacement

Strap Retainers



Clothing And Body Tape

Fashion Rescue Tape

Machine Sewing

Birch Machine Needles


Bobbin Box

Bobbin Case

Bobbin Holder

Metal Bobbins

Bernina Metal Bobbins

Pfaff Metal Bobbins

Plastic Bobbin

Husqvana Plastic Bobbins

Pfaff Plastic Bobbins

Pre-Wound Bobbin

Globes And Bulbs

Screw In Machine Globes Small

Invisible and Metallic Threads

Machine Accessories

Invisible Zipper Foot

Machine And Serger Needle Insert

Machine Belt

Magnetic Pin Trapper

Schmetz Machine Needles

Twin Needles

Sewing Threads

Candlewicking Thread

Candlewicking Cotton

Gutermann Thread

Gutermann Trendy Colours 100mt Poly

Sewing Threads With Scissors

Polyester Sewing Threads

Machine Embroidery Thread

Machine Embroidery Thread Cotton 30

Recycle Threads

Recycled Sew All Thread

Recycled Wooden Case Sew All Thread

Thread Gift Boxes

Wonderfil Threads - Themes

Wonderfil Inspiration Packs


Clothing Zips

Continuous Zips

Open End Zips

Speciality Zips And Fasteners

Invisible Zipper Foot

Zipper Pulls


Sparkley Ribbon 9mm

Dotty Ribbon

Glitzy Polka Dot Ribbon

Micro Dot Ribbon

Party Time Ribbon

Pencil Stripe Ribbon

Polka Dot Ribbon

Polyester Ditto Ribbon

Rainbow Polka Dot Ribbon

Dazzle Ribbon

Iridescent Spot Taffeta Ribbon

Polyester Iridescent Edge Satin Ribbon

Be My Valentine Ribbon

Barley Twist Rope

Polyester Rope

Super Sheer Ribbon

Sheer Elegance Ribbon

Sheer Dots

Wired Sheer Ribbon

Nylon Velvet Ribbon 50mm Black And White

Mesh Wired Ribbon

Metallic Check Wired Ribbon

Random Glitter Wired Ribbon

Tinsel Mesh Wired Ribbon

Twinkle Wired Ribbon

Checked And Gingham Ribbon

Polyester Rustic Gingham Ribbon

Christmas Ribbon

Dots And Stripes Ribbon

Dotty Sheer Organdie Ribbon

Polyester Spotty Grosgrain Ribbon

Fancy Ribbon

Abstract Ribbon

Butterfly Ribbon

Daisy Ribbons

Stripe Ribbon

Swiss Spring Ribbon

Grosgrain Ribbon

Metallic Ribbon

Craft Satin Lurex Edge Ribbon

Craft Lurex Wired Edge Ribbon

Occasions Ribbon

Abc Ribbon

Ballet Ribbon

Buttons Ribbon

Gift Ribbon

Little Rabbit Ribbon

Mummy Duck Ribbon

Tiny Hands And Tiny Feet

Ribbon Boxes

Ribbon - Everyday - 36 Rolls

Satin Ribbon

Craft Nylon Embroidery Ribbon

Sheer Ribbon

Picot Edge Organza

Slit Edge Ribbon

Craft Slit Edge Ribbon Ivory

Craft Slit Edge Ribbon White

Velvet And Taffeta Ribbon

Wired Edge Ribbon

Metallic Craft Lame Ribbon Wire Edge

Wire Edge Organdie Ribbon



Baby Gimp Braid

Decorative Braid

Delicate Floral Trim

Flat Braid

Gimp Braid Rayon

Gimp Furnishing

Lampshade Braid

Loop Braid

Multi Coloured Gimp Braid

Piping Braid - 15metres

Piping Braid - 20 Metres

Piping Braid - 25 Metres

Rayon Braid

Ric Rac Wave Fancy Trim

Russia Braid

Cord Trimmings

Knitted Cord

Lacing Cord

Rat Tail Cord

Twisted Cord - 20 Metres

Twisted Cord - 30 Metres

Fashion Trimmings

Satin Rose Trim

Shabby Rose 3d

Shabby Rose Spots 3d


Bullion Fringe

Silk Fringe - 12 Inch

Silk Fringe - 6 Inch

Looped Knit Fringe

Loop Fringe

Furnishing Accessories And Trims

Furnishing Braids

Furnishing Cords

Flange Cord - 8mm

Gimped Cord

Twisted Cord - 6mm

Furnishing Fringe

Bullion Fringe

Chainette Fringe 125mm

Chainette Fringe 300mm

Fan Edge Fringe

Tassel Fringe

Tiebacks And Tassels

Beaded Tassel

Single Tassel Tieback


Lace Trims

Flat Laces Cotton Edging Lace

Cotton Edging 20mm

Cotton Edging 20mm X 11.5mt

Cotton Edging 25mm

Cotton Edging 27mm

Cotton Edging 28mm

Cotton Edging 35mm

Cotton Edging 40mm

Cotton Edging 45mm

Cotton Edging 45mm X 11.5mt

Cotton Edging 48mm

Cotton Edging 50mm

Cotton Edging 55mm

Flat Cambric Lace

Flat Cambric Lace - 132mm

Flat Cambric Lace - 25mm

Flat Cambric Lace - 28mm

Flat Cambric Lace - 30mm

Flat Cambric Lace - 30mm - Coloured

Flat Cambric Lace - 40mm

Flat Cambric Lace - 52mm

Flat Cambric Lace - 57mm

Flat Cambric Lace - 75mm

Flat Cambric Lace Regal - 25mm

Frilled Cambric Lace

Frilled Cambric Lace 120mm

Frilled Cambric Lace 25mm

Frilled Cambric Lace 28mm

Frilled Cambric Lace 30mm

Frilled Cambric Lace 30mm - Coloured

Frilled Cambric Lace 33mm

Frilled Cambric Lace 40mm

Frilled Cambric Lace 52mm

Frilled Cambric Lace 57mm

Frilled Cambric Lace 75mm

Frilled Laces Cotton Edging

Frilled Cotton Edging - 23mm

Frilled Cotton Edging - 30mm

Frilled Cotton Edging - 37mm

Frilled Cotton Edging - 43mm

Frilled Cotton Edging - 47mm

Frilled Cotton Edging - 70mm

Frilled Nylon Lace

Captivating Frilled Nylon Lace - 20mm

Regal Frilled Nylon Lace - 125mm

Regal Frilled Nylon Lace - 14mm

Regal Frilled Nylon Lace - 30mm

Guipire Lace

Regal Guipire Lace - 12mm

Regal Guipire Lace - 16mm

Regal Guipire Lace - 18mm

Regal Guipire Lace - 32mm

Regal Guipire Lace - 40mm

Regal Guipire Lace - 42mm

Nylon Lace

Bridal Lace

Captivating Nylon Lace -16mm

Captivating Nylon Lace - 12mm

Captivating Nylon Lace - 20mm

Captivating Nylon Lace - 20mm X 50mt

Captivating Nylon Lace - 22mm

Captivating Nylon Lace - 65mm

Regal Nylon Lace - 105mm

Regal Nylon Lace - 14mm

Regal Nylon Lace - 20mm

Regal Nylon Lace - 30mm

Regal Nylon Lace - 37mm

Regal Nylon Lace - 86mm

Organza Lace

Fine Regal Organza Lace Flat - 40mm

Regal Organza Lace Flat -22mm

Regal Organza Lace Flat - 15mm

Regal Organza Lace Flat - 25mm

Regal Organza Lace Flat - 38mm

Regal Organza Lace Flat - 40mm

Regal Organza Lace Flat - 55mm

Regal Organza Lace Flat - 87mm

Metalic Braid

Fancy Metalic Braid

Fine Metalic Braid

Gimp Braid Metallic -10mm Width

Metalic Braid - 20mm

Metallic Braid Tassle

Braid - Metallic

Gimp Braid Metallic - 15mm width

Lace Braid - Metallic

Ric Rac Braid

Ric Rac Braid - Jumbo - 38mm

Ric Rac Braid - Small

Sequin Trimmings

Sequin Braid Fancy Trimming

Sequin Braid Trimming

Sequin Trimming

Sequin Trimming With Scollop

Hook and Loop

Hook And Loop

Industrial Make Up

Sew On - 20mm X 25metres Hook Only

Sew On - 20mm X 25metres Loop Only

Sew On - 25mm X 25metres Hook Only

Sew On - 25mm X 25metres Loop Only

Sticky Back - 19mm X 25metres Hook Only

Sticky Back - 19mm X 25metres Loop Only

Sticky Back - 25mm X 25metres Hook Only

Sticky Back - 25mm X 25metres Loop Only

Sticky Back - 50mm X 25metres Hook Only

Sticky Back - 50mm X 25metres Loop Only

Sticky Back Dots - 16mm X 23metres Hook Only

Sticky Back Dots - 16mm X 23metres Loop Only

Sticky Back Dots - 22mm X 23metres Hook Only

Sticky Back Dots - 22mm X 23metres Loop Only

Iron On VELCRO® Brand Fasteners

Low Linting VELCRO® Brand Fasteners 25mmx10m

Stick n Sew VELCRO® Brand Fasteners19mmx5metres

VELCRO® Brand Fasteners Pack 20mmx10m

VELCRO® Brand Fasteners Pack 25mmx10m

VELCRO® Brand Fasteners Pack 50mmx5m

Soft And Flexible VELCRO® Brand Fasteners 16mm X 10metres

Sticky Back VELCRO® Brand Fasteners 20mmx5m

VELCRO® Brand Fasteners Dots 22mmx5

VELCRO® Brand Fasteners Mini Dots 15x16mm

VELCRO® Brand Fasteners Stick On - 20mmx1m

VELCRO® Brand Fasteners Stick On - 20mm x 5m

VELCRO® Brand Fasteners Stick On Dots 22mmx1m

Sew On VELCRO® Brand Fasteners 20mmx5m

Stick n Sew VELCRO® Brand Fasteners 20mm x 5m

VELCRO® Brand Fasteners Adjustable Ties

VELCRO® Brand Wrap Adjustable 19mmx3m

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