Work Boxes and Storage


If you sew or participate in crafts on a regular basis, you will know the importance of storage. In order to keep track of everything, you need to remember to stay organized. The amount of equipment and supplies involved in sewing and crafting seems to be endless, and it's very easy to misplace something of great importance. Keep everything in one place with one of our sewing baskets, or craft storage bags and boxes.

We have a variety of whimsical sewing boxes that are both functional and fashionable, offering plenty of space for your sewing and craft accessories. Step out in style with a Project Runway shoulder satchel, which is ideal for transporting your supplies when you are on the move. In an attractive checkered design, this range also includes a sewing case and handy storage purse. Very small items such as pins, needles, buttons and beads can be stored in one of our useful craft and sewing organisers, so there's no risk of losing anything. If you are new to sewing and don't have many supplies, why not purchase a ready-made sewing set that contains everything you need to get you started. Our kits include scissors, pins, needles, buttons, a tape measure and thimble, amongst other things.

Occasionally, you may be required to transport your valuable sewing machine, and this can easily be accomplished with one of our durable machine storage bags. With a telescoping, comfort grip handle, and glidedual wheels, these machine storage bags are both functional and attractive, with a number of different compartments allowing you to store any extra supplies. The generously padded walls mean that you can either store or move your sewing machine without the fear of it getting damaged.

At Sewing Online, we have one of the largest and most varied range of storage solutions online. Feel free to browse the wide selection of storage products in our catalogue and get organized today!

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