Here we have a wide range of fashionable zips in a varitey of classic colours.  Available for dressmaking, luggage, bags, sporting goods and camping gear, sewing-online offers you an array of zips for a quick and easy way of fastening a garment. 

Zips or zippers have been around since 1913 and have become such a part of modern life that we now simply take them for granted. Often used in jackets, trousers and dresses because they form a neat, flat way to close the item of clothing the great thing about zips is that there is no major likelihood it will come apart by mistake, which can often sometimes happen with buttons.

Here at we have a range of zips in different colours and sizes to suit any requirement. You can find zips for trousers, jeans, dresses, and jackets; open ended zips, continuous zipper slides and even invisible zips are just some that are available. And if you want to add a bit of fun to children’s clothing, you can have a look at our range of speciality zipper pulls that come with characters to delight young children.

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